sors adversa

Low poly 2.5D diagonal shoot'em up

Sors Adversa is a low-poly tribute to old school shooters with long detailed levels and big boss fights, but will use a perspective diagonal scrolling twist in visuals and customizable ships loadout.

Select one of the various experimental crafts available, customize it with your choice of weapons and mods and fly it in long and detailed levels against challenging enemies.
Engage and defeat large bosses in your mission to save the planet from an unknown menace!

Multiple ships

10+ player ships to choose, each with its stats and loadout options

Multiple weapons

9+ weapons with double fire mode to create custom ships loadout suited for different play styles

Multiple mods

A lot of mods to upgrade ship statistics and adding new functionality to it

Dinamic game runs

Dynamic game runs – 5 stages with random levels selected from more than 12 to ensure each playthrough will be a unique one

3 game modes

Arcade (run with random levels), Custom (run with player selected levels) and Mission (single level) mode


Sors Adversa
Kickstarter Campaign

We are working on a playable DEMO for the launch of Kickstarter Campaign
Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon….
run, run, run

Download DEMO of Sors Adversa

Download early stage playable DEMO for PC.
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